Julia Stepanova
Education: Historical faculty of Tver State University (Tver, Russia);
Institute of Archaeology, Russian academy of sciences (Moscow, Russia), postgraduate.
Degree: Ph.D. in History (Candidate of Historical Sciences), 2003.
Thesis of the dissertation: "Complex of a burial costume of the rural population of the Upper Volga X-XIII centuries".
Restorer of III category of metal artifacts.
Work: Tver State University, Historical faculty
1994-2000: methodist of the Department of Russian history
2000-2008: head of the Archaeology Museum of Tver State University, Senior Lecturer
Since 2009 - docent of the Department of Russian history
Research interests: history of costume, ancient costume on archaeological data, medieval archaeology
Publications: look "Bibliography"
Julia Stepanova, 2005-2011
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